This insurance policy covers everything related to your business. Like home and your personal belongings, it is also important to protect your office stuffs. We offer the following commercial insurance products.

Auto insurance

Any damage that occurs on office vehicles due to accident or other reasons, the insurance company will pay for the loss. The insurance will also cover any injuries caused to the passengers due to car accidents.

Commercial liability insurance

This covers claims against the business by third parties. These claims result from accidents that happen on business premises. Also, when injuries to third parties occur, the company becomes legally liable. In such case, the business owner is legally responsible for the injury. Commercial liability insurance covers such incidents. This type of insurance also covers damage to the company property or products. For example, if one of your equipment breaks down, then the insurance will cover it.

Fidelity Insurance

This protects business owners from dishonest employees. In some companies, certain employees need to have access to confidential information or money. If the employees steal anything the insurance will cover any loss occurred to the company. Any kind of unauthorized access by employees is also covered in this insurance policy. The insurance also covers asset protection, technology risks or external fraud.

Business interruption insurance

This type of insurance covers loss that takes place when a business is forced to cease operations. The insurance company will provide compensation for any income loss.

You need to decide on the type of business insurance you need for your business. Insurances minimize the potential risks to the business. You should understand thoroughly what each type of insurance covers and then decide which type of insurance you want to apply for.